It’s Friday, Friday, and everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. It’s Friday, Friday, and queen of the internet Rebecca Black is here, she’s queer, and she’s giving us yassified gas station cashier in the music video for “Read my Mind,” her new dream-punk track featuring hyperpop darling Slayyyter. It’s a lot to take in, but you could ride it any way you like. If Trixie and Katya and the Cock Destroyers (rip) had a crack baby, they’d be twins, and it would be these two, doing exactly this.

It’s true, pop punk is once again having a moment, and our girls are seizing it. After a summer full of certified hyperpop bops from Rebecca Black Was Here, Miss Black’s latest drop, “Read my Mind” feels like the inevitable new variant we all saw coming. And if anyone knows how to make something go viral… well, that would be Rebecca Black.

Both Rebecca Black and Slayyyter performed as special surprise guests at Ty Sunderland’s Ty Tea party series at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn this summer, giving us some of the most iconic moments during Pride 2021. It was a whole thing on gay twitter that was fighting for gay rights and people were killed by a demon twink or something like that. And this, this is result of that. Thank you Ty, the gays™, and the internet for working in mysterious ways.

Check out Rebecca Black on tour next year!

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