It’s been a long and painful year of quarantine, but thanks to science, Dolly Parton, and the new administration (bust tbh mostly Dolly Parton), we can finally see a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Now let’s not f*ck that up again, ok babe? As more and more people become eligible for the jab, Dirty Cult is looking forward to a future filled with new opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose. That said, it brings me (Memo, your editor) immense joy to announce our very first event of 2021 featuring live performers!

And this time, we are going to Richmond, Virginia! That’s right gorgeous, Dirty Cult is road tripping south The Simple Life style. Our fierce new collaborator, Virginia-based drag artist Miss Devo Monique has recently joined the cult (more details tba) and put together a gorgeous lineup that brings Brooklyn and Virginia drag together under one roof. As she prepares to move back to New York, Devo wants to show the locals that all types of drag are beautiful, valid, and should always work together to create more inclusive spaces for everyone. Tickets can be found here. But if you’re not in the area and still want to show your support, you can tip the girls virtually on the night of the event (more details on that also tba).

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