The final two original short films in BVLGARI & Tribeca Film Festival’s Female Trailblazers six-part series, produced in partnership by the Roman jewelry label and Tribeca Studios, premiered worldwide this Monday (February 1). Hosted by Emmy, Tony, and Grammy-Award winning actor and two-time Academy-Award nominee Cynthia Erivo, “Lot 448” and “Ezinma” spotlight two “independent female pioneers in the arts who are blazing their own paths in male-dominated fields at a time of great cultural change.”

Ezinma’s eponymous short film, directed by Alison Chernick, chronicles the violinist’s journey forging her own path in one of the toughest industries by fusing classical and contemporary music together. In 2017, Ezinma shared a cover of Future’s “Mask Off” that led to overnight viral fame, and the realization that she had tapped into something people were genuinely interested in. A series of widely popular uploads to her YouTube channel solidified her status as the face of a new crossover genre, and shortly thereafter Ezinma caught the attention of none other than Beyonce herself, granting the Nebraska native an opportunity to perform as part of the singer’s orchestra for Beychella. With newfound determination, Ezinma returned to New York City to work on her own sound. “I’m not a hip hop artist, I’m not a classical artist. I’m working to create this new fusion of music,” says the violinist. “As a person of mixed race, reimagining popular songs with the gloss of high art feels natural to me.”

In her upcoming album, Key of Black Minor, Ezinma showcases her talents as a music producer and violin virtuose. The first two singles “Beethoven Pleads The Fifth” and “Vivaldi Springs Forth” are available now on all digital streaming platforms along with their accompanying music videos. Check out Ezinma’s boundary breaking documentary (14:00 min mark) below:

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