Amanda, PLEASE!

It is no secret Miss Bynes has lived many lives and played many roles: an unscrupulous child judge (The Amanda Show), a drag king (She’s the Man), and a prototypical Becky (Easy A). Miss Thing done had the range, ok? After a noticeable absence from the screen, the public learned that Amanda would be focusing her energy on studying fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles instead of acting. She graduated in 2019. One full Instagram cleanse later, on the 20th day of January of the year of the lord 2021, Miss Bynes finally delivered on her once tweeted-and-deleted promise to get into the rap game.

Last Wednesday, the multihyphenate shared a snippet of “Diamonds,” her upcoming debut single featuring her manseses under the moniker Precise.

We only get about 12 seconds of Amanda Bynes rapping, but game recognize game and in just a few days the clip caught the attention of one Mr. Lil Uzi Vert, who says:

IDK about you bro but I’m ready for some bars from Miss Bynes, the inevitable accompanying merch drop, and a smorgasbord of tik tok memes and challenges

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