Catsuits and Choreo and Rain (Oh Me), Oh My!

Pink power ranger and rising celebrity pop artist Slayyyter storms back into the scene with “Troubled Paradise,” the title track from her forthcoming debut album. It’s cathartic, it’s 80’s synthwave, and it’s dance-pop perfection. On release day (Friday 1/22), Paper Magazine revealed that Miss Slayyyter’s Troubled Paradise (the album) will feature deeper and more emotional content thematically. This new single reflects just that. After all, poetess SZA once tweeted, you “can be a sad bitch and a bad bitch at the same time! It’s called multitasking.”

And in proper pop star fashion, the single comes with an accompanying Munachi Osegbu-directed music video, which is a bfd because he’s already worked with icons like Megan Thee Stallion. Personally, I’m getting Lisa Frank on acid at the Rainforest Cafe (in like a really good way). What I expect would happen if I kissed a poisonous toad and it didn’t turn out to be a cursed but handsome prince, which I feel like is pretty much the vibes Slayyyter is going for lyrically. Oh, and did I mention the choreo? And the rain? Get into it babes.

Troubled Paradise the album is slated to drop on Friday, June 11. But in the meantime, you can continue microdosing on the 2020 releases that foreshadowed Slayyyter’s incoming troubled era, “Self Destruct (ft. Wuki)” and “Throatzillaaa“.

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