Miss Kylie and La Lipa are clearly on some queen shit right now. Dula’s bold decision to release Future Nostalgia during the early stages of quar set the tone for the rest of the pop girls, gracing us with the gift of dance music in a year without nightclubs. Seven-ish months later, Aussie pop extraordinaire Kylie Minogue gave us Disco, her fifteenth studio album inspired by the bygone era of New York’s iconic discotheque Studio 54. And on the eleventh hour, as we bid adieu to 2020, these two pop titans have come together to give us all one last gift, an official remix of Kylie’s “Real Groove” as seen on Dua Lipa’s virtual concert Studio 2054 in late November. In case you missed it, Queen Kylie made an iconic appearance that had our girls vibing and getting their real groove on side by side.

Listening to this song is equal to a 10,000 mg dose of Biotin. So yes, it has the power to cleanse your skin and make your hair shinier. Other sources claim their credit scores immediately went up by tens of points. So, if you know what’s good for you, this song will be part of your New Year’s playlist.

In a perfect world, Dua would have her own verse and the track would have an accompanying music video dropping in tandem. But who knows? Perhaps they are saving it for the rumored Disco (Extended) project. After all, these two worlds colliding represent a new generation of younger fans for Kylie, and it solidifies Dua’s status as a pop icon.

Concept artwork credit: @physicaljudas on Twitter

You can catch Kylie Minogue performing the original mix of “Real Groove” tonight at the Infinite Disco New Year’s Eve spectacular, which is making a much awaited comeback after a limited run following the release of Disco back in November. “So come on, let the music play – We gon’ take it all the way – I love it, I love it, I love it (woo-hoo).”

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