2019 is ufficially the year Uffie reclaimed her time and returnt to the music scene full force. After an almost decade-long hiatus and a surprise cameo on a (kinda) recent Charli XCX song, the French-American electro-pop sweetheart released a series of tracks (“Drugs” and “Papercuts”) that culminated in a 7-track EP titled Tokyo Love Hotel, released earlier this year. The cool blogs ate that shit up and so did we honey.

And now, Uffie continues her return to the scene with a spanking new summer track titled “Mine,” and it slaps. The melodic electronic perfection that is “Mine” is somewhat of a return to form for the artist, who graced us with all-time favorite party hits like “Pop the Glock,” yet it manages to sound current, fresh, and innovative. It has a gritty playfulness to it that makes you feel like a sexy bad b*tch ready to steal yo man, which is the ideal summer mood. Uffie herself describes it as a song about “all the possibilities and promises of adventure and mystery” that this magical time of year brings along.

Don’t drag me, but I’m pretty sure Uffie invented underground pop. Just ask any MySpace kid from the mid 2000’s era. And if you’re a z gen and this means nothing to you then get learnt!

Thank you for this gift, mother. We missed you!

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