La Mas Draga, Mexico’s biggest drag competition produced by La Gran Diabla, wrapped their second season by crowning afab queen Alexis 3XL. Following emotional performances by finalists Gvajardo, Alexis 3XL, and Sophia Jimenez, it became apparent that Alexis had won the hearts of the entire audience, those in attendance and those of us watching online. Throughout the competition, Alexis showed us she was “LA MAS (the most)” humble, creative, and lovable queen of the bunch. Her looks and mug were literally always on point and full of surprises, and her interviews always sprinkled the show with that extra chispa we all needed. What makes Alexis 3XL’s win even more significant, is the fact that she is a cisgender woman, and the first one to win a title of this kind and magnitude.

As we know, and despite the major historical contributions made by trans women, the world of drag is largely male-dominated. Alexis revealed on Episode 6, La Mas Independiente, that to this day she still struggles finding acceptance within Mexico’s LGBTQ+ community. Crowning her not only recognizes her talent and charisma, it also sends out a message to the world that drag is for anyone who wants to take part in it, regardless of their gender identity or expression. Week after week, Alexis proved that anything a man can do, a woman can do better. Let’s go over some of her most iconic looks.

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Same-sex marriage became legal in Mexico City as of June 2015, but the country at large is still decades behind when it comes to LGBTQ+ acceptance and representation. La Mas Draga, their contestants, and their message, represent a big step in the right direction. The show has exposed Mexican and international audiences to new identities, new forms of artistic expression, and has proven that people are hungry to see more Mexican excellence represented at such a high level. Congratulations to Alexis 3XL on a herstoric win, and thank you to La Mas Draga for giving us this gift. Despite some backlash from the fanbase due to technical difficulties uploading the final episode to YouTube on time, the impact of this show is undeniable, and we can only hope La Gran Diabla chooses to continue creating this magic for many years to come. You better tighten that wig Miss RuPaul, these girls are coming for you and all your children!

You can stream Seasons 1 and 2 of La Mas Draga on YouTube. But before you go, check out these stunning music videos from La Mas Draga’s host Vanessa Claudio and judge Yari Mejia, who provided the soundtrack to this season’s runway.

You better work, cariño!

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