It’s official. I’ve had it with the algorithms telling me what to listen to and when. I recently switched from Apple Music to Spotify because I had heard from some snakes that it had better playlists and their al gore rhythm was actually smart and also I wanted to get those end-of-the-year stats everyone is so fond of posting every damn December because tbh I never really grew up and I still hate feeling left out. Anyway, at first I thought my Daily Mixes were lit because they somehow managed to identify my multiple personalities: the bubblegum pop princess, the emo man-child that literally still shops at Hot Topic, la perra que llevo dentro, and all the others. But unfortunately with time these mixes started to feel a little dull and repetitive. Like, I want my Spotifies to read my mind without like literally reading my mind, ykwim?

ANYWAY! I remembered I made this playlist when I was having the same literal issue I am having right now 3 unholy years ago because obviously when you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So here I am again, re-sharing this with you my friends. THE ultimate mix of all mixes. Re-Introducing Rosebuds: Dirty Cult’s Fresh Picks (and also the everchanging soundtrack to my life lmao). And because life is ephemeral and my mood swings are real, Rosebuds is going to be continuously updated to keep the content fresh, relevant, and c*nty. Enjoy!

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