SXSW Can Be Fun For Non-Badge Holders Too

Photo by @nicsh on Instagram

Photo by @nicsh on Instagram

We did it. We made it through over a week of drinking, blowing out our eardrums, and searching for phone service. SXSW is over and we made it through. This was my fourth year of SXSW and probably the most relaxed. I managed to hold off from going out everyday, which I think may have saved my liver partially, but who actually knows.  There was still a lot of free beer and liquor that was drunken, too many cigarettes that were smoked, and not enough vegetables were eaten. I can definitely feel my body detoxing, and I almost threw up during yoga in down dog position, but everything seems to be coming back to order in my life, including the city. It’s nice to see Austin going back to the normal(er) side and I’m very happy that parking won’t be an issue anymore. Although SXSW is very much for people with badges, those lesser folks like me were still able to enjoy the festivities as much as the next person, which is why the whole city of Austin is basically in recovery mode. Recovering after SXSW can be quite a shock physically and mentally as we carry on back into our normal lives. Now we’re expected to go to work, ready to take on the day, when merely three days ago we were drinking free beers and judging strangers for going to a free Skrillex show. Even though it is painful to leave a dream-world where you are expected to be downtown on a Tuesday at 5:30 pm drunk, we should be thankful that it’s over and I hope many of you got to see some amazing bands. Here are a list of my favorite shows I saw this week:

Future Islands: I was really excited to see Future Islands, and the whole day I was at work I was stressed I wouldn’t make it in time. I did, it was awesome, they’re awesome. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them I think it is imperative you do so now.  I promise that you will not be able to sit still, and if they ever come to a venue near you, go see them! Definitely my favorite show this year.

Kurt Vile: Because I enjoy Kurt Vile’s music while reading books, contemplating my goals in life, and overall just chilling, I was excited to see him play. And because I’m a fan I’ll stand by t anything he does. I’ll admit I was bit drunk when I saw him perform, but his acoustic set was definitely not ideal for SXSW. At least for me. But he’s beautiful and can do whatever he likes.

The Orwells: Ah the last show I attended this year. Performing at Burgermanina III at Hotel Vegas, it was a shit-show. I mean I’m pretty sure everyone was delirious, exhausted, and suffering from liver damage, but The Orwells managed to make everyone forget about their pains, only to endure more from the mosh. It was insane and I’m sad I didn’t stay the entire set but so it goes.

People Under the Stairs: If you haven’t listened to People Under the Stairs while smoking a bowl you are seriously demented. Just kidding, but when I was a baby 18 year old I found myself hanging out with some guys from Corpus Christi who lived in the dorm building next to me. Our days would include lounging by the pool, attempting to longboard, and smoking copious amounts of weed, and listening to any stoner music we could get our hands on. It was a weird period of my life, but I was introduced to People Under the Stairs, and would listen to “Acid Raindrops” on repeat. The show was fun, people were dancing, and it was the first night I went out so I had a ton of energy.

I didn’t make it to as many shows as I would’ve liked this year, but the ones I did see were pretty cool. Now to cure this hangover that seems to be here for life.  I hope all those who were able to partake in SXSW had fun, were safe, and are transitioning back in to the real world without any problems.

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