Justin Bieber is Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man

Justin Bieber is in some really hot water right now. It’s like… the media finally got what it wanted. Are you all happy now?


“When you reach a certain point in your life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall” – Justin Bieber

I’ve always thought that the hardest thing about (growing up) being famous is that everyone gets to watch when you screw up. Like it must really effing suck. Justin Bieber may have more money than he even knows what to do with, but he’s just like most of us in the sense that not every decision he makes is the best decision he is going to make. I know, I know… I know you’d never close off a street and race your mildly famous friend on a Lambo. Don’t compare your life to Justin Bieber’s though. You’d probably do the povo person equivalent of that. Let’s be real. “But he put so many people in danger!” Maybe. But instead of harassing the obviously troubled pop star, maybe everyone needs to just back off and let the kid breathe and get his shit together.

Every single thing Justin Bieber has ever done since Usher found him on YouTube has been up for public consumption. Everything. Everyone noticed when his voice started to change. The headlines were all like “will his career survive the voice change?” I remember my voice didn’t really start to change until like mid high school. It cracked a little, but mostly because I insisted on singing and doing things with my voice that it just wasn’t mature enough to do. I can’t imagine having the entire world wondering if I’d make it through that horrible time. My mom made fun of me enough. She said I sounded like Shaggy from Scooby Doo… but I digress.

jelenaHe recently broke up with Selena Gomez for the second time. Perez posted some allegedly leaked text messages from Justin’s phone. It was super embarrassing. To be quite honest with you though I was a little offended with the invasion of privacy. No one should have the right to access private conversations you had with your significant other. The texts may have been fake, but that doesn’t stop the media from publishing them and making profit off his personal life, and it certainly doesn’t stop the paps from provoking him. Remember the early 2013 incident? I’d be so angry at everyone if I was Justin Bieber right now.

Now about the DUI case… I can’t say that driving while intoxicated is right in any way. People die because of it and little girls really need to have a conversation with their parents about this whole issue. If you happen to know a young Belieber, please guide them in the right direction. Anyway. Let’s get some perspective on this. First of all, his BAC was officially recorded at 0.04. That is half the legal limit for adults in America. Justin Bieber is not an adult, though, and the state of Florida has a zero tolerance policy on minors in consumption. He was thrown in jail because of that. Had he been 21 years old (and maybe not drag racing or resisting arrest) then he would have been let go. Lots of adults (21 and over) drive with an alcohol level below 0.08 and the law says it’s okay. Once again, I am not advocating for drunk driving, but come on you get a 0.04 BAC after like… one beer? Also, he is considered an adult in a lot of countries all over the world. It’s just the way the law is written in a country he is not a native of.

“Why the f**k are you doing this? What the f**k did I do.  Why did you stop me?” – Justin Bieber

Look. The whole thing was kind of messed up. His dad was apparently there, encouraging him. My dad kinda got me into racing motorcycles when I was younger though so I sort of get it? Dads and vehicles and sons and booze and models. It’s like a fantasy for a lot of middle aged men, isn’t it? There is definitely a place and a time for everything though and this was not the right combination. Oh yeah, let’s not forget he also admitted to have been smoking pot and taking Xanies from his mom. Bieber messed up and I’m glad that he’s sort of aware of it now. Although tbh I doubt a $2,500 bail and merely 8 hours in jail barely did anything. Let’s just remember not to treat people with evident problems like they are criminals. They need treatment and support and the right kind of attention. Growing up is really really hard. Growing up in the public eye is probably even harder. All he needs is time. A moment that is his. While he’s in between.

P.S. All these headlines are also super ironic because on the trailer for his most recent movie someone’s like “Are you aware that you could be the next trainwreck?” and Justin’s face is like ‘fuhhh.’ I don’t know about you but I think the timing of this is really sketch. Is it all planned? Is this “controlled chaos” happening to give him some much-needed street cred? LOL my imagination is just overflowing today wow. Bye.

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