Ray J’s Song About His Sex Tape With Kim K is Absolutely Necessary


It’s been about six years since the infamous tape made national headlines and kickstarted the Kardashian empire. The rest is history. These days Kim Kardashian eats and waits for her firstborn child, courtesy of Kanye West’s strongest sperm. No one really cares about the K sisters anymore though right? Right. There are newer, hotter and better reality starts nowadays, and it’s been such a long time since people ran out of fucks to give about them.

But the ebb and flow of the universe always brings us unexpected comebacks and revivals… This time, the universe decided that it was time for Ray J’s come back to the music scene. And for obvious reasons, his leading single talks about his totally unknown rendezvous with the reality star. He denies it, but it’s like so ridiculously obvious.

Is he like obsessed? Does he like really believe that Kim would hit it again? Is Kanye West going to get drop dead gorgeous with Ray J? Does anyone actually care? While these questions represent some of the biggest puzzles in human history, the timely release of this song adds so much cultural value to America’s legacy in entertainment. I am so proud to work for this industry.

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