Raising Awareness About International Clitoris Awareness Week

georgiaokeefeGuess what? You just missed International Clitoris Awareness Week. That’s right. The Almighty Clitoris has a whole week to itself – May 6-12th. So what do you know about female fun buttons? Here’s some fun facts.

  • The penis and the clitoris are equivalent. Made of the same tissue.
  • It’s really just a peice of flesh located about an inch above the vagina at the top of the vulva.
  • The average clit is the same size as a flacid penis, only not all of it is visible because it’s hidden underneath the pelvis.
  • Women get erections… well… kind of. The clit has erectile tissue just like a penis. When women are aroused the clit can swell and increase in size with bloodflow.
  • The clit has twice the nerve endings as a penis, meaning twice the pleasure.
  • Many women fail to orgasm through intercourse, but few fail with clitoral stimulation.
  • An orgasm from clitoral stimulation lasts longer than the longest male orgasms.
  • It’s the only organ on the human body with the sole purpose of pleasure.
  • If you don’t use your clitoris, you can literally lose it. Clitoral atrophy is a medical condition where the clitoris retreats into the body. The clitoris relies on blood flow to remain healthy. So you know what that means ladies!

The non-profit behind Clitoris Awareness Week is Clitoraid. Did you know millions of women lose their clitorises to mutilation or excision? Clitoraid is based in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and is dedicated to helping these women restore a sense of pleasure and dignity through surgical restoration. Most victims are circumsized in their early teens, usually forced upon by their elders to stimulate sexual abstenience. Other women have them removed for religious reasons that only encourage gender inequality and sexual tyranny. No matter the reason, female circumcision causes multiple health problems in everyday life and serious complications in childbirth.

While millions of women fight to keep their clitoris and regain sensation, you still have yours (or know someone that does). Embrace your feminity. Squat over a mirror and masturbate. Share this article. Clitorises have been ignored, deemed taboo, and considered sinful/shameful for centuries because of patriarchal and religious values. Share knowledge and help break the mold!

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