6 Ways in Which America is Re-Experiencing The 60s


Not even six months ago president Barack Obama won the reelection vote and got himself another four years as the “Most Powerful Man on Earth, the Leader of the Free World.” Much to the dismay of millions of racist and extremely conservative US citizens, we still have an African-American president who smoked pot while in college. AMERICA! I’m glad people are finally getting over it… because there were individuals out there who tweeted such things as “Someone needs to shoot Obama.” Of course Twitter is not a weapon of mass destruction yet, but the fact that American citizens expressed such a sentiment is alarming.

If you’re an X-Gen or Y-Gen or millennial or whatever, you should have learned at school that the last time a US president was assassinated happened in the 1960’s (not that people haven’t tried again since). But can you guess which president was murdered last? If you guessed Kennedy, then you obviously paid attention in History class. Hooray! No one cares. Here’s the interesting part though… MLK, a black dude with dreams you may have heard of, was also shot in the 1960’s. Both dudes had really radical and totally futuristic ideals about society, and they both died because there were a few crazy mo-fo’s out there that couldn’t handle it. Now we have a somewhat radical president that happens to be black. With all da gun violence and explosions at marathons and North Korea threatening to nuke the beautiful city of Austin… I’m a little scared for my sorry lamestream ass. I am scared because history tends to repeat itself and last time I checked the 1960’s ended in tragedy. So let’s just hope nobody does something stupid and transcendent because America is totally re-experiencing the 60s right now. And this is how…

1. We are Fighting a Senseless War

This is perhaps the most obvious and controversial similarity, so I’m not going to get into detail. I genuinely respect your views on military action, or whatever. But think about it for a second… The Vietnam War during the 60s is not considered one of America’s proudest moments. In fact, many US citizens and countless people around the world back then were totally against it. Have you seen Across The Universe? Have you heard of the Baby Boomer generation? Hippies? A lot of innocent people died back then, but that is only a fraction of the real consequences. America and many countries around the world are still dealing with the aftermath of the Vietnam War, but we haven’t really learned our lesson.

Once again, the US is engaging in military action that goes against the best interest of its own citizens and the rest humanity. We are fighting for a natural resource that, when synthesized, fuels our world but pollutes the atmosphere, kills ecosystems and only enriches a few filthy pigs in Wall Street that have NO sense of humanity, compassion, or basic understanding of the natural world. We are also fighting to see who has the biggest dick, and America always wants to have the bigger dick. Always. Just think about our celebrities and public figures. Dicks are glorified! Speaking of dicks…

2. There is an Intense Sexual Revolution Happening

I’ve been in a committed relationship for two years and counting. Sex is such a regular thing that I barely focus on it. But now that I went from total slut to… recovering slut, I notice that all my friends and everyone that goes out at night is HORNY AS SHIT. All the time. Like… I can’t even keep up with who is shagging and who isn’t because the sexual dialogue never ends. “OMG I want to sleep with ____,” “OMG I haven’t gotten laid in _____,” and “I’m so horngry” are among the most popular phrases and quotes. Women are particularly horny right now. Their vaginas have been so oppressed and marginalized throughout history that now there is a huge movement to defend them. Sex is so normal there are shows on national television about it. We all have/want/enjoy sex, so it’s no surprise that many people are no longer afraid to hide their sexuality.

And when was the last time we had an intense sexual revolution in America? You guessed right again! The 60s. Marilyn Monroe, anyone?

3. We are (Once Again) Fighting for Civil Rights

We already know that being a white male is the most privileged thing to be. God, Jesus, and Santa Claus are portrayed as such for a reason. Being a woman, gay, or ethnic is still kind of a struggle. Women can’t decide for themselves yet if they want to produce babies or not, gay people are 1/2 citizens (3/5ths Compromise?), and ethnic folks now have to deal with Abigail Fisher’s bullshit about Affirmative Action. What is wrong with us, people? Is this the free world you speak of? That thing you’re so proud of that makes you pledge allegiance to a capitalist system and a piece of cloth that looks awesome in t-shirt form (and every other form of apparel)? This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but those who are free are like totally not brave. They are in fact the ones resisting social change.

In the 21st century, people in America are still fighting to be treated decently by the organization that takes away 30% of their hard-earned dollars. Do you remember the last Civil Rights movement? The 60s

4. Counterculture and Drugs are Cool Again

Growing up in America you hear a lot of people say “Don’t do drugs! They are bad!” and as children you believe them… kinda. But basic psychology indicates that people often like to do the one thing they are not supposed to do- texting in theaters, cheating, not placing their trash in the right bin, etcetera, et al, ellipsis. When you tell a kid “Don’t do drugs” and they ask why, and you say “because they’re bad,” they’re gonna turn around and do said drugs immediately, or at least try them at some point [Note: Alcohol is a drug]. The truth of the matter though is that everyone who is anyone or has ever done something great was either an occasional drug user or a total junkie. Thomas Jefferson smoked pot, The Beatles were on all types of hallucinogens, and the list goes on. Back in the 60s the counterculture movement was HUGE. Part of it was due to the fact that times were tough and people needed to 1. reconnect with the earth and their spirituality and 2. forget about all the fuckery that was happening with the government.

In 2013 96% of the people I know are either pot smokers, amphetamine users or various degrees of drinkers. Drugs don’t ruin lives. People ruin their own lives by not being in control of their shit. A stable person can use drugs and be a productive member of society. The only place drugs are going is a state of legality. People use drugs for a reason, and right now there are many reasons for people to use drugs: healthcare, recreation, inspiration, and spirituality are perhaps the most relevant.

P.S. I’m not suggesting that you should do drugs

P.S.S. I am

5. Hipsters are Basically the New Hippies

Even the term hipster sounds like it evolved from the word hippie as a way to reinvent and rebrand the ideology of the 1960s. I’m going to make lists now because I am tired of writing in paragraph form. This is how hipsters are the same as hippies:

  • It is cool to be different from the mainstream
  • It is cool to care about the environment
  • It is cool to be an activist about things you’re passionate about
  • It is cool to use drugs (see above)
  • It is cool to wear clothing that only makes sense to you

This is how hipsters differ from hippies:

  • Hipsters don’t have a problem buying name brands as long as the product doesn’t have a huge slogan or logo, unless it’s Jeremy Scott or a band tee they bought at a trendy music festival.
  • Hipsters typically shower and care about personal hygiene more than the average hippie
  • Hipsters will take jobs at big corporate places because they need the money to buy more corporate stuff
  • Hipsters will deny that they are hipsters. Hippies didn’t give a fuck.
  • Hipsters think that Coachella is the new Woodstock

You may or may not agree with my lists, but I never really self-identified as a hipster so I wouldn’t really know? Are you a hipster? Tell me about how different you are from these general observations. Please. I beg you.

You know who is really hip and the 6th reason we are re-experiencing the 60s though?

6. Lana Del Rey

Marilyn’s her mother, Elvis is her father, and Jesus is her bestest friend. SHE IS THE SIXTIES REINCARNATED.

I may or may not have gotten the idea about Obama getting assassinated from this video. I mean like this video came out before the reelection and features a black male portraying JFK. It was too meta for me to process, but there’s that. Lana Del Rey is a 60s woman who time-traveled and is now trapped in the 21st century Matrix.

Seeds for Social Change

Even though the similarities between the 60s and the present are striking, there is still like a weird glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel. Social change, or at least a major shift in human consciousness, was predicted by the Mayans before white men from Europe killed them. We are living in a time that basically forces people to be more sensitive and responsive to the many issues that surround and affect their lives. It’s one thing to “pay” the government to fix our problems for us, but delegating responsibility only causes more problems. Ugh… I didn’t intend for this post to take this turn, but I guess it is now. Times are changing. People are changing. Our consciousness is changing. There are many seeds of social change being planted right now, and our generation backs them up. And thankfully, we have elders- the people who ferociously fought for their liberties in the 60s and had to go back into hiding for another 50 years.

This is the time for America to lip-sync for its life. I just hope we don’t fuck it up.

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