What’s Your Plan, B?

This just in – men are just realizing that you don’t need a doctor to figure out if you are pregnant! A federal judge is ordering the FDA to make emergency contraceptives like Plan B available OTC without a prescription and also removes the 17+ age restriction to obtain them. Restricting access to a contraceptive is very crass and arbitrary. Age restrictions suggest that there is an appropriate time for a woman to be sexually active. This 17+ jig doesn’t jive with reality. Girls are sexually active at a younger age and that is something that has been needing a response. I’m concerned that the inflated costs of emergency contraceptives (currently run around $50) will only rise to make them more inaccessible to women 17 and under. Just wondering how many religious and political leaders are having heart attacks right now.

As you can imagine, this ease in restrictions is facing some serious criticism. Sure, emergency contraceptives can have adverse effects – but you know what else causes adverse effects? Pregnancy, which tends to result in child.

This is a pretty badass progressive change for women’s healthcare. This allows women of all ages to have more control over their bodies and exercise their reproductive freedom. If all goes well, this change will go into effect in 30 days. You can read the memorandum yourself here.

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