We Need to Talk About North Korea


North Korea is like really trending right now. Most people in the US currently believe that NK has nuclear weapons, and they probably do. The only other thing Americans know about the mysterious communist country is that they are led by a sort of modern evil dictator, who is also kind of nuts. But what else do we really know about North Korean culture? They keep everything from the outside world, and it’s really difficult/painful to enter the country as a temporary guest. Unless you’re there under very special circumstances, you don’t get to keep your cellphone, you can’t record or take pictures, and you certainly cannot interact with the locals.

These are a few things I vaguely know about North Korea (do not take my word as fact though because idk)

  • Locals cannot access the world wide web. They have their own intranet. 
  • North Korea recently launched their first 3G network, but then shut it down (I think).
  • Anti-American propaganda is widespread.
  • The entire country worships their leader, and the leader’s defunct father.
  • You can get shot if you try to escape the country
  • There are still a handful of operating concentration camps in parts of North Korea
  • The country does not appear on Google maps
  • North Korea has nuclear weapons and recently tested one

There are more things, but I feel like those were the most relevant. Were you as surprised as I was about the 3G network stuff? This BuzzFeed article has more details on that. Apparently there is a journalist named Jean H. Lee who has been tweeting and instagraming from their Koryolink network. They even have some of the pictures!

Nuclear Weapons Though WTF?

Yeah, I know. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. Like why are people still creating things that destroy things instead of creating things that create more things? Like do you really want to be known as the person/country that eradicated an entire culture/community/nation? WTF, bro. Get your shit checked out before you blow other shit up. There was a widely shared article about the issue on this UK publication, but I doubt most people read past the headline and immediately freaked out. I’d do a Twitter hashtag search, but I really don’t feel like it. There were some pictures that showed North Korea’s plans to bomb the US and the exact points on the map where it would happen. It was actually slightly scary for me though because my current hometown (Austin, TX) was one of the targets.

A few hours later… rumors surfaced that Kim Jong Un wanted to bomb Austin because he didn’t get into The University of Texas. I pray to God that this is true.


My conclusion (based on the article and my research on their nuclear agenda) is that the pictures were meant to be kept within (as usual) as part of the propaganda that perpetuates the Anti-American sentiment in North Korea. Nothing else. For now…

North Korea on Netflix

Are you super curious about North Korea now though? Don’t worry! You can basically become a professor in North Korean studies by simply watching a few documentaries on Netflix. National Geographic: Inside North Korea is about an American journalist that illegally documents a doctor’s quest to cure cataracts in the nation. So good. Kimjongilia gives you a look into the daily life. Also great. Lastly, Seoul Train depicts #thestruggle to escape the country. There are others, but I felt like the information was getting redundant. Feel free to watch all of them though and tell me about it!

This is what Phoenix thinks about Korea. I don’t know which one, but I feel they don’t know either.

What do YOU think about North Korea? Do you think we should leave them alone or get involved?


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