Yes, We Are Still Talking About Lena Dunham’s Privilege


Lena Dunham, the writer/director/lead actress in the super successful HBO comedy series Girls is working on another HBO comedy series based on the memoirs of a Bergdorf Goodman stylist to the stars. Lena has faced some harsh criticism in the past year about her show, however, because if you haven’t already noticed… all the characters are white. Not just the protagonists, but everyone in general. This is extremely uncharacteristic of New York and the rest of the world.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Donald Glover was cast as her black republican boyfriend – but that was for like 2 mins!

Not only is the cast all white, but they are all priveleged. Don’t tell me you haven’t wondered how Lena’s character Hannah affords her Brooklyn apartment being a barista. I don’t even think they’ve actually ever showed her make a latte. Lena in real life is ultra wealthy. Both of her parents are artists living in a 2 million dollar loft in TriBeCa and they sent her to the pristegious Oberlin College where she studied Creative Writing. Maybe if I was rich I could have an HBO show, a book deal, and win a Golden Globe for Best Actress without actually having to act too. All of this and she gets another show about more priveleged white people?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Girls. Lena is a gifted writer and makes me belly laugh on a weekly basis. Lena Dunham is also a self-proclaimed feminist. As a fellow feminist, how can you truly be a feminist without intersectionality? C’mon, Lena. I can offer Lena both harsh criticism and singing praise. I think I’ve criticized enough; I must say it’s always great to see a show about women by a woman, not a bunch of men sitting around scratching their balls. While it’s been refreshing to see some bodies on TV that aren’t rail thin, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we are all kinda tired of staring at Lena Dunham’s tits.

The second season of Girls is now over and she has a new show on the way. We have ample time to watch her grow as a writer/director/actress. After all Hannah once said, high on opiates, “I may be the voice of my generation … or at least a voice, of generation.”


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