Dirty Cult’s SXSW 2013 Favorites


The lineup at this year’s SXSW Music Festival was unlike any other. For some, the names got weirder and weirder. For others, this year had the most amazing lineup ever. Can we take a moment to talk about the surprise shows though? This year’s SXSW crowd was given the opportunity to witness one of the many “secret” performances around town that included Fall Out Boy, Prince, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. There were also rumors about Daft Punk performing on the steps of the Texas Capitol, but that obviously never happened. I partially blame social media for “ruining” the surprise. Big headliners aside though, I noticed that a lot of people had basically NO idea who the fuck was playing on stage most of the time. They were only there for #freedrinks and #sprinbreak2013 #sxsw

“Beyonce’s sister is a singer?” – a basic bitch

For that reason, we give you a summary of the musical acts that Dirty Cult kept an eye on during the festival, wether we made it to their showcases or not.

In alphabetical order…

∆ (Alt-J) 

They’re from the UK. The band formed when the band members met in Leeds University and made songs on GarageBand. How cute, right? Now they have an album called An Awesome Wave. They played a total of 572 times throughout South by. You literally couldn’t miss them. I caught them at the Warner/Nikon showcase at the Belmont. This is their latest single and music video:

Angel Haze

During her set at the Spotify House on Wednesday, March 13th baby girl said that she used to be homeless and broke before her music became popular. I’m sure this story is told many times, but her attitude towards her recent success shows us that she remains humble no matter how fast things are happening for her. I like that. She allegedly wrote a song dissing Azealia Banks though.

Brooke Candy

She’s originally from Oxnard, California. She’s the girl in the Grime’s video for “Genesis,” but I hate using that reference. Okay? Girl played a couple of sets during the festival. I went to her Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Maggie Mae’s on Friday night. It was fucking awesome. This is her very first song:

Charlie XCX

Charlotte Aitchison is an English singer-songwriter better known for her artistic name Charlie XCX. She’s been in the industry for a couple of years now, but her debut album True Romance is not due until April 15th, later this year. She recently collaborated with BROOKE CANDY on a super awesome track called “Cloud Aura.” Check it out:

Devendra Banhart

I caught Devendra’s show at the Radio Day Stage on the fourth floor of the Austin Convention Center. He’s a Venezuelan American singer-songwriter, in case you didn’t know. Although the set was like three songs long, Devendra played the best new songs from his new album Mala and his former hit single “Carmensita.” The video features Natalie Portman! Watch:



This band is the best things I remember from my childhood in Mexico. I wasn’t supposed to listen to their music because it was explicit and super political, but like any kid that happens to be a kid I did not care. Their music was an integral part of my development and view of the world. I was supposed to work at one of the venues where they performed, but then I didn’t.

St. Lucia

This act from New York is a one man band. The name comes from a small island in the Caribbean. And all I have to say about his music is that it sounds kind of amazing. It’s synthy and poppy and 80sy. Check out more of his stuff on SoundCloud.


Yes, goils. Beyonce’s sister does sing, and she is not half-bad at it. In fact she is absolutely amazing! But I can’t really say that I’m surprised… They only shared the same womb. It was definitely interesting to experience Solange perform at such a “small and local” music festival considering the magnitude of her sister’s stardom power, but I’m glad she’s trying to find her own place in the industry. Are you taking note, Ashlee Simpson?

Vampire Weekend

I don’t care if you think Vampire Weekend is old news, a sell-out, overrated, et al. Their music is great and sells lots of records and gets commercial deals. They had Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas and Daft Punk in a music video. They got sued for using a picture of a random girl for their album cover without getting her permission. They have a new album coming out called Modern Vampire of the City. The End.


This band totally gave me deja vu when I was watching them. I think my roommates tried to show me this stuff when I was living in LA, but I could just be tripping. A lot of ganja was smoked out there. A lot of ganja is smoked in one of their music videos, actually. I’m not sure if it’s offish, but I don’t care because it’s pretty good. It has girls smoking blunts and blowing out big smoke clouds. Are you into that?

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