[VIDEO] BEB – “Shake Right”


Dirty Cult and BEB collaborated once again to bring you the second installment of BEB’s music video collection. “Shake Right” is a track off BEB’s first EP Broke. It premiered on March 5th at Barbarella’s TuezGayz, hosted by DJ Glitoris. You can find more sounds on YouTube, along with the first music video we worked on for the song “Broke.” This video was inspired by nightlife photography, underage drinking and people that text at parties, sort of.

Music videos are Dirty Cult’s most recent endeavor. You know my writing well now, but within the next couple of years I intend to produce and direct more projects like this one under the Dirty Cult banner. Stay posted for updates and more samples of my work as a filmmaker and videographer.

Watch “Shake Right” here:

BEB is a local artist in Austin, TX.

“Shake Right” by BEB | Directed by Memo Jimenez | Produced by Dirty Cult | Assistant Director: Matthew Speer | Director of Photography : Skylar Moran | Editor: Memo Jimenez | Key Grip: Andy Bailey | Production Assistant: Sha Steadman | Models: Jacklyn Giddens, Alex Meltzer, Caitlin Hatch, Amanda Romero & Carolyn Tournier

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