Video Vomit Vol. 1

Bieber Vomit

Subtitle: The Power of the Double V, Hashtag #VideoVomit. Dirty Cult posts music videos all the time, duh. You best know that if a pop icon has a new anything I’m going to have an opinion about it. Sometimes I get the weird urge to write and post things immediately and without proofreading, and sometimes I just forget to write altogether. I just literally have no patience for lots of work. Also, I got two Cs in college English. But then again I tested out of the foreign language requirement. Hashtag #languagebarriermyass. Irrelevant! This is one of the posts that I’m probably not going to proofread either because I have other things to do, like editing my own music video.

Video Vomit is a collection of all the music videos that were released within the last month that I failed to post in a timely manner for various reasons: alcohol poisoning, lack of enthusiasm, act of God, twerk, and old episodes of King of the Hill. Hashtag #priorities. So here they are! Enjoy this little weekend treat.


Big Freedia “Feelin Myself”

From the upcoming LP The Idol
Track produced by Blaqnmild and Thomas McElroy for Beat Exchange
Video produced by Renee Moncada McElroy for RMM MEDIA
Directed by David Fine and Renee Moncada McElroy for RMM MEDIA

Brooke Candy “I Wanna Fuck Right Now”

Directed by: Spaghetto
Written by: Brooke Candy & Spaghetto
DP: Justin Potter
Producer: Jenna Pittaway
Song Produced by: Lucian Walker

Diplo “Butter’s Theme” Ft. Gent & Jawns

Director: Reuben Dangoor
Co-Director & VFX: Gabriel Ayache
Mad Decent


Matt & Kim “It’s Alright”

From the album Lightning. There is no info on this video, but Matt & Kim should get an award for most adorable duo ever.

Passion Pit “Carried Away”

From the album Gossamer, available on iTunes for only $6.99

Download here:
Directed by: Ben Brewer & Alex Brewer
Featuring: Sophia Bush
Produced by: Braxton Pope & Saul Levitz

Late January…

Tame Impala “Mind Mischief”

Co-produced by Urban Outfitters and Modular People.
Watch the making of this video here

The Knife “Full of Fire”

From the album Shaking The Habitual. Now available to pre-order! More information at

‘Full Of Fire’ is a short film by Marit Östberg, a filmmaker and visual artist, based in Stockholm and Berlin. Her works are often focused on images of queer bodies and sexualities. She sees her work in a wider context of feminist fights and histories and her visual world has been described as uncompromising. Uncompromisingly current. Uncompromisingly sexy. Uncompromisingly political.

“The film ‘Full of Fire’ started to grow as an embryo in the song’s lines ‘Who looks after my story’. Who takes care of our stories when the big history, written by straight rich white men, erase the complexity of human’s lives, desires and conditions? The film ‘Full of Fire’ consists of a network of fates, fears, cravings, longings, losses, and promises. Fates that at first sight seem isolated from each other, but if we pay attention, we can see that everything essentially moves into each other. Our lives are intertwined and our eyes on each other, our sounds and smells, mean something. Our actions create reality, we create each other. We are never faceless, not even in the most grey anonymous streets of the city. We will never stop being responsible, being extensions, of one another. We will never stop longing for each other, and for something else.” – Marit Östberg

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