It’s a relatively warm and sunny day in Austin, TX, but the weather has been acting all sorts of crazy lately. It rained on the day of my music video shoot. There was mud everywhere and now I have to get my carpets cleaned. Last week I wore shorts, a tee, and a hoodie to my yoga class, but within twenty minutes I was wearing nothing but my shorts because it was that hot. Last night, however, I couldn’t smoke a cigarette at the club’s patio without wishing indoor smoking was still a thing. It was freezing! Like how am I supposed to ever know what to wear if the weather has more frequent mood swings than an angsty twenty-something? (Disclaimer: I hate using the word twenty-something, but I also don’t like to call us “young adults.” It doesn’t make sense to me.) This is climate change, people. It affects every one of us. Greenland is kind of melting!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and its direct impact on our global climate. But if not, you are in total luck because I know some filmmakers in Austin, TX who are working on a documentary that sheds light on the many issues surrounding this case. Above All Else is a story about big business vs the environment, corporate rights vs human rights, the real cost of fossil fuels, and how all of this affects the individual lives of many people. Does that sound interesting enough? Watch the trailer that Fiege Films, the independent production company behind this project, released just earlier today:

Make sure to check out the film’s official website and LIKE their Facebook page to get more info and updates. The filmmakers behind Above All Else need all the support they can get from you, a human being directly affected by our global climate. Feel free to make a monetary donation. You’ll receive a huge thank you on behalf of humanity. Share with your friends, family and colleagues! These are things that matter and stuff.

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