Is this real life? The Screen Actors Guild Awards happened last night. I did not watch them because the winners are basically the same in every award show, Tina Fey wasn’t hosting alongside Amy Poehler, and I don’t have an SAG card… so, yeah. This morning, however, I heard rumors that Tina Fey had been talking about the musical version of Mean Girls to none other than E!’s Giuliana Rancic.


A. Mean. Girls. Musical.

That is so… fetch! With 30 Rock coming to an end this spring, Tina says that one of the things in her to-do list is to develop this idea. She wants her hubby, who writes the music for 30 Rock, to work on the music of this new project of hers. Of course this is all in super early development, and we probably won’t get to purchase tickets for this for a couple of years, but Tina Fey is already thinking cast… Can you guess who she’s thinking about for Mrs. George? Can you guess? Can you? Mariah fucking Carey.

Apparently there are some people out there who actually watch American Idol and keep up with Nicki and Mariah’s little thang, or fight, or whatever. The two recently ‘went off’ talking about Mean Girls and Mariah seemed to really know her stuff. UGH BUT WHY? Can we have Camille Grammer instead? That would be so fetch.

Stay tuned for updates! Maybe this could help us forget that Mean Girls 2 exists.

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