Watching Girls With a Bunch of Girls


The much anticipated Season 2 premier of HBO’s critically-acclaimed series Girls aired last night during the Golden Globes. Said series also won two awards at said award ceremony, one for Best Comedy Series and one for Lena Dunham’s performance as the show’s lead girl (Hannah Horvath). Congratulations from the deepest and most envious corner of my heart, girls. Y’all did well. And to be honest, and as much as I enjoyed the globes and the Tina Poehler (or Amy Fey) combo, I couldn’t wait to log on to my parents’ HBOGO account and watch the damn premier. I was with (coincidentally) four other girls last night for this. This is what happened (SPOILER ALERT):

10:03:50 “Everybody shut up. We are watching Girls. Nobody say anything.”

10:04 “OMG the Beyonce documentary”

10:04:29 “It’s starting”

10:04:43 (GASP) “But he’s gay!”


10:06:42 “Is this their take on diversity?”

10:09 “That is so my life. That’s me and my ex” “Also that was, like, three guys in five minutes”

10:13 (SIGH) “I swear, the writing on this show”

10:14 “Oh Em Eff Gee, this place looks amaze” – Shoshanna

10:17 “What kind of friend invites all her friends’ exes to her party?”

10:18 “Andrew Rannells plays every character the same way though”


10:25 “She doesn’t want to see you! Which part do you not get? UGH. Story of my life!”

10:27 “I could never be a gay man. I hate giving blow jobs and having anal sex” – Marnie

10:28 (TRIPLE GASP) “Why do gay guys do that? Why!?”

10:28:10 “What if he really is bisexual though?” “This is horrible!”

10:29 “OMG HIS ASS”


10:30 “Oh. My. God. Poor girl. That is so [insert demeaning adjective]”

10:31 “Y’all just need to stop dating gay guys”

*Insert awkward silence that is a consequence of actually relating to this scene at some level*

10:32 “Of course she did. I can’t believe she is so comfortable showing her body like that, though”

End credits roll…

Please note that each quote was edited for the purposes of this blog. Nevertheless, watching Girls with a group of ethnically diverse girls totally gave me a better idea of how this show is actually perceived. So maybe the show lacks ethnic girls, but girls experience break-ups and horniness and loneliness in very similar ways regardless of ethnicity! Or are we, like, still stuck thinking that we are not all actually just human beings who “feel how we feel when we feel it.” To say that Lena Dunham is “the voice of our generation” might be too big of a statement, but she is definitely a voice of a generation, and girls everywhere relate to the things she writes at some level. Y’all twentysomethings are just so damn prudish and obsessed with labels and political statements and attacking other people’s work.

Well guess what? Lena Dunham kind of made it and looks pretty with make-up. Now watch Santigold’s super cute new music video for the song “Girls” that happens to be part of the show’s amaze soundtrack.

Is that enough diversity for you?

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