Nick Offerman Movember PSA: It Gets Fuller

And then real life tears emanated from the corners of my glistering eyes… Nick Offerman has been my unofficial spiritual counselor for a couple of years. His words are scarce but wise. I have this theory that his mustache is an eighth chakra that also acts as a pussy-magnet and bearer of virile superiority. I wish I could grow a mustache. I’m a 22 year old male and Frida Kahlo rocked a better ‘stache back in her day. I’m pretty sure I’m more than a little late, but it seems like there’s not much I can do except play around with iPhone camera effects and photoshop. My dad grows a full beard, so I better grow a decent scruff by 30, the kind that you see on those fashion magazines, the kind that people go “oh yeah, I like x day long scruffs,” the kind that looks classy and casual depending on the outfit. I guess I just wish I had the choice.

That’s not what Movember is about. I guess to some people this month-long holiday means not shaving their legs, genitalia and other hair-dense areas that regular people don’t really struggle with. Nonetheless, Movember is really about prostates and other gentlemen issues down south. Love all your sex organs, guys. The penis is not the only one that needs care and attention.

ANYWAY. Nick Offerman made this PSA for It’s pretty funny and stuff. You should watch it and share it with all your friends. This man gives me hope. I am confident that one day my ‘stache will come, and it will be sexy.


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