The New Normal vs Modern Family

Oh yes I did! Sometimes you gotta compare and contrast shit you consume, right? I am broke, so I don’t consume  material tangible things like food and clothing. I consume media. All sorts of it. It nourishes me and keeps me lively and… relevant(?). Let’s face it. We are all influenced by media in one way or another. I like to think of pop culture and the mainstream as a point of reference. Like, you won’t ever find out what you like if you haven’t tried a bunch of things you don’t like, right? Same with music and TV and film! I know what I like because I’m not afraid to watch and listen to mainstream shit all the time. Moving on. I believe that as artists, musicians and filmmakers, we have a moral duty to create work that is profound and does more than just ‘entertain.’ Granted that some people only engage with media in a superficial level, sometimes the ‘message’ leaks through the pores in your skin, the cracks in your skull, and the folds of your brain and secretly positions itself within your thought process and self-identity. It’s true. It’s called being subliminal.

There is a new show on primetime television that calls itself The New Normal. That’s pretty heavy shit right there. According to the dictionary, normal refers to something that is standard, typical or expected. The show is about a gay couple who hires a hot mess twenty-something to turn food into a baby for them. I’m all for gays in the media. I love that Ellen, RuPaul, and Neil Patrick Harris have such strong voices in their mediums. I love inclusion, and I’m glad to see more and more gay relationship scenarios deemed as ‘normal’ in films and TV shows. Nevertheless, I can see right through the good intentions of this show. Do you think I’m crazy? Let me explain.

Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannels play the lovely gay couple. They’re hot, so you automatically have to like them. I mean, how can you not? Justin plays an anal-retentive gyno and Rannels plays an eccentric writer for a TV show. Pretty normal, right? Would it change things if I told you that the Dr. plays ‘masc chill bro’ while Rannels suffers from ‘obsessive chic disorder’? That’s pretty normal too, right? A masculine doctor who dates an effeminate fashionista. Because that’s all there really is. Always one fem, one masc. Does anyone actually realize how fucking annoying and ignorant it is when someone asks “so who’s the boy and who’s the girl?” WE ARE BOTH BOYS. WE BOTH HAVE PENISES. YES I AM A POWER BOTTOM BUT I AM STILL A BOY WITH XY CHROMOSOMES AND TWO TESTICLES. That’s the answer they should be given, at all times. Is that really a problem, tough? Let’s see what else I can find. The Dr. and his boyfriend are incredibly rich. Like, their daily problems probably revolve around which overpriced cardigan says ‘I’m hungover, but still a fierce bitch,’ except a scene like that would only work for an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a good cardigan!” you may say. Well, it is when we forget what the show is supposed to be about. I don’t know a lot of adult gays, I guess, but I really don’t think their (the show’s) new normal is similar to anyonenormal in real life. What about those who can’t afford a surrogate? What about those who don’t classify themselves as ‘the boy or the girl’? What about those who are trying to have a modern family in a place like Texas, or fucking Nigeria? I mean, come on. Not everyone can afford their lifestyle. Their life is NOT normal.

Another thing that kinda resonates in my head with negative vibes is their use of humor. Humor is awesome. Humor can be politically incorrect and still be funny. Humor, however, blurs lines sometimes. For instance, if a straight person makes a joke using the word fag he or she is automatically categorized as a douchebag. If a gay person jokes around with the word fag, however, they are often applauded. There is something to be said about desensitizing certain words so that they are no longer used to offend another person, but I’m not sure if gays calling themselves fags is right either. The humor for the show builds on that notion. It’s okay for them to say offensive jokes because, ultimately, it lies within the politically incorrect post-modern humor of the 21st century, and the premise of the show has ‘good intentions.’ Assuming that everyone has thick skin, this might be okay, but not everyone does. If so, there wouldn’t be kids committing suicide around the globe because someone somewhere used an offensive term to ‘joke’ around.

Now I’m going to briefly defend the show. The New Normal does a really good job at playing moderator. One of the characters, the surrogate’s grandmother, is kind of the female counterpart of Mitt Romney. She hates gays, abortion, poor people, blacks, her life, and trying different styles. Naturally, she is constantly wreaking havoc with the gays about every little thing possible. Then the show comes to its last five minutes, and they resolve their differences, accept each other’s opinions and ultimately make me cry. Why? Why do I cry? Is it because I’m actually happy to see these horrible people get a chance at raising a happy family in this cruel desolate world? Yes. Do I want to have my pap smears done by Justin Bartha? Yes. Does it bother me that I don’t have a vagina for said pap smears? Yes. They are so evil for toying with my emotions. I’m 21 years old. I am not a stable person!

This is where I try to tie in Modern Family with only one paragraph. Have you ever heard of that show? It’s on its fourth season, so I’m not really going to spend time explaining and analyzing the dynamics of this particular family. That’s your homework. The single most important thing to point out is that Modern Family is brilliantly hilarious without being offensive, and they always make me laugh. Always. Considering my jaded personality and obsessive use of sarcasm, this show does some serious things to me. It makes me miss my family. It makes me actually want to have my own family. It makes me believe that real happiness is simple and attainable. Cam and Mitchel have an interesting relationship, and their characters are borderline disastrous stereotypes. But when you look at their family dynamic and how they cope with their situations, you overlook their profiles and genuinely sympathize with them as a couple, as parents, and as human beings. Honestly, if I had to choose between the two for my own future, I’d say I prefer to have a Modern Family than live in The New Normal.

Besides, who doesn’t love Sofia Vergara and her takatakatakatakatakatakataka?


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