20-Nothings are Hollywood’s Ass

Alas, another instance of internet stardom turning into a real life opportunity. This time it happened to a 20-something-year-old girl from… wait for it… drumroll… TUMBLR! Do please reread my previous sentence. It is awkward and will confirm what you think you just read. Lauren Bachelis is your typical post-grad young professional living the not-so-glamorous life of ‘trying to make it in Hollywood.’ Girl, I feel your pain. She also manages and runs the popular Tumblr blog Hollywood Assistants. You don’t know what Tumblr is? Please leave my site immediately and reconsider your life. Tumblr is a lifestyle. Tumblr is addictive. Tumblr is my drug of choice. Its contents are sometimes not safe for work, but that never stops me from checking it constantly instead of actually working, and I’ve definitely never felt the urge to unfollow My Hipster Fetish for their graphic content, and I like it that way. If you want to learn about pop culture, and life in general, you really need to get a Tumblr. Now that I’ve made my point clear, let’s go back to Lauren and the super exciting life opportunity I talked about earlier.

Lauren had many internships before she graduated. She was a go-getter and enthusiastic about the work she was forced to do on a daily basis. She was, in many ways, like you and me. Lauren also had a sense of humor, a computer, and time to spare between runs to share her witty frustrations with the people of the internet. Over the course of no time whatsoever, her blog managed to get a gigantic following (including me because obviously I need to release my frustrations too and she gets me – like, really gets me). You should check it out. She tried to keep her identity secret just in case someone somewhere got offended by her posts, but eventually, as her coworkers and friends found out it was her, she embraced the voice she created with her blog. Okay… get to the ‘amazing opportunity’ already!

Last night I was at the premier party for a new TV show on Logo called DTLA. I was talking with some friends about the new wave of independent productions that get picked up by large networks and studios and how really fucking exciting this is for those of us who don’t have any substantial industry connections. DTLA is one of those productions. A couple of weeks prior I had told them about my brilliant idea for a show about Hollywood interns and all the work we do that goes unnoticed, but last night one of them had news for me. “Did you hear that CBS picked up a show called Hollywood Assistants based on that Tumblr blog?” My world stopped. “WHAT? I follow that blog!” I said. 12 hours and a Google search later, I confirmed the rumors. A TV series adaptation of the blog is on the works under the name 20-Nothings. It’s not guaranteed that it will air for a full season, but the the pilot has been ordered for production.

Here is all I have to say about that:

Dear Lauren,

If you ever read this blog, I hope you know I think you are one lucky bitch. If you ever need another overly enthusiastic 20-nothing industry wannabe to share your frustrations with and discuss ideas for the show… I am your boy ;)



According to this article on Entertainment Weekly, the show is kind of a modern-day Friends about a group of young adults who can’t seem to get it right. It’s supposed to be different from Girls in the sense that the characters are always being told what to do, and it’s set in the West Coast, and people with penises will have other characters with penises to relate to. There’s a similar show on MTV called Underemployed that features Mexican hottie Diego Boneta (Google him). I haven’t checked it out. I’m not even sure if it’s already running, but it’ll probably give you a sense of what this new show intends to do, I think.

UPDATE 10.17.12: Last night my roommate and a Dirty Cult reader (two different individuals) pointed out that NBC has also ordered a pilot from yet another Tumblr blog called FUCK! I’m In My Twenties. The girl behind that one is called Emma Koenig. I accidentally used her image as Lauren’s because Google Images thinks they’re the same person. I think they might be, I mean, if they are both literally doing the exact same shit. Watch out Y Gens, more existential and ironic TV shows are coming your way!


4 responses to “20-Nothings are Hollywood’s Ass

    • Right? I almost want to stalk her a little bit and jump on the bandwagon. I mean. Like. You know? We just gotta keep blogging.

  1. You got the wrong girl! That picture is not Lauren Bachelis, that’s Emma Koenig. Another 20-nothing beezie who got a pilot deal last week.

    Fix the picture! Bachelis is cute and has glasses!

    • Thank you so much for pointing that out! Emma’s image comes up with a google search of Lauren’s name and is the right size. I was misled.

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