How Often Do You Give Tanks?

Every now and then I wonder: Why do I have such wonderful friends? I know everyone probably feels the same way about their friends. I’m not saying my friends are better than yours although they are, but I feel truly ‘lucky’ that I get to see people I care about achieve really amazing things. Things that you normally see on movies like Eat, Pray, Love or, like, The Social Network. Totally different movies, but still inspiring to a certain degree. It’s not until it happens to someone you know, or someone you vaguely know, that you realize “Holy Shit! Things actually can happen!”

Earlier this year I met a guy named Kappes Chatfield in southern France. Within only a few minutes of knowing each other, we were drinking beer on a balcony that didn’t have a view of the Mediterranean. A few other colleagues and their roommates were also there. We ended up forming an entourage a la Entourage. Like… a bunch of dudes in tuxedos walking in front of the Palais at the Cannes Film Festival kind of Entourage, literally. Kappes and I didn’t necessarily talk much, but for some reason we didn’t really have to. I just knew he was a good guy, and that’s all that mattered. I found out he had a company named Give Tanks one day because he was wearing a tank bearing his company’s logo. “What’s that?” I wondered. Man, was I lost.

A tiny little publication called The Huffington Post noticed the impact that Kappes’ company made in a tiny community in Nicaragua. In late summer, Kappes and two other friends (also co-founders of Give Tanks) went on a mission trip to help people in dire need. Please refer to the article for more details. What they did is truly inspiring. It will make you feel feelings you never thought existed outside of books and movies, and the occasionally poignant episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Give Tanks is really all about “giving back and giving thanks” for the simple things that make life so awesome. They sell super cute tank tops in black and white, all bearing different smiling images of simple objects, to fund their noble cause. Check them out HERE. My favorite would have to be the smiling wave. I happen to be roommates with a real life surfer/skater who could easily be the human incarnation of Otto Rocket. This is his take on ~waves~: “It’s just energy, man. You are literally just riding on a bunch of energy.” A bunch of energy. It must be super cool to surf, I bet. I should probably learn. The point is “a bunch of energy” is all you really need for a good time. Try to think outside the box here. Give Tanks is all about the positive vibes – maintaining a smile, helping each other out, and truly feeling thankful for the simple little things that make life awesome, like waves.

Watch this promotional video of their latest project in development. It’s basically a BMX/skate public park that will serve as a fundraising entity that supports the creation of art programs. How fucking cool is that?

Give Tanks, you ungrateful mother-fucker.


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