What’s The Deal With The Innocence of Muslims Film?

Don’t proceed if you are easily offended. Not too long ago, some asshole released this film and provoked a bunch of people in multiple regions of the world. Some radical Islamists thought it would be fun to retaliate by rioting outside of the U.S. embassies in different countries. There were deaths. Moreover, it made CNN freak out.

Now, let’s take a moment to think about the implications of this whole story.

  1. The film was made with the intention to provoke
  2. The average citizen won’t analyze the film or its origin. What matters is that it came from America and it’s offensive.
  3. Violence leads to more violence
  4. Certain governments can use this or any excuse to perpetuate war and occupation
  5. Idiots seeking attention get attention

I don’t particularly recommend one sole source for information. News outlets love sensationalism and shock-value, and… they have to adhere to a certain protocol/agenda. However, I do recommend that you click on a few links regarding this issue and make your own conclusions. Either way, this is fucked up and needs to be taken seriously and responsibly.

Watch the film below (while it’s still available on YouTube):

People need to seriously stop with their gd prejudice. It’s the fucking 21st Century! Love thy “enemy” for fuck’s sakes!


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