[VIDEO] “Blue Velvet” by Lana Del Rey for H&M

Is this what love is? Lana Del Rey is arguably the most beautiful starlet of 2012, and she went from 0 to 60 in a matter of only six months. Now, she is GQ’s Woman of the Year in the UK, the face of H&M and is only months away from releasing the (Extended) Paradise Edition of Born to Die. After that, Lana is allegedly leaving music to start a career in screenwriting. Although the news are strikingly sad, I am very interested in keeping up with her new endeavors. Lana is a great lyricist, and her songs usually have a deeper meaning than you actually realize, you shallow you.

I digress. We’re supposed to be talking about this beautiful and sort of morbid/weird campaign for H&M. Like what the hell is this mad house? I love it. She looks gorge (as in short for gorgeous) and I wish I could get my hair to be that big. I’ll die happy the day I can.

Watch. Watch it now!

H&M clothes fade and fall apart after the first wash tho…


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