2013 Creative Minds in Cannes

Do you know what the Cannes Film Festival is? Only proceed if your answer is along the lines of “HOLY SHIT FUCK YES!” As you know, every May the French riviera becomes the epicenter for the crème de la crème in talent, film and parties in a mega event that chic people call le Festival de Cannes. I was there last year, and I loved every minute of it.

A great man by the name of Rob Ford founded The Creative Mind Group in 2004. Over the years, more than 600 students from all over the world have participated in the Cannes Film Festival through the Creative Minds in Cannes program. How? Well, Rob and his fabulous team will hook you up with everything you need to get there. Except airfare, of course!

You can apply for any of the three following programs:

The Internship Experience

The Filmmaker Institute

The Network Connection

Interested? Watch this promo video:

Visit The Creative Mind Group website if you wish to apply. You really should. It personally gave me that little push to grab this industry by the balls. You don’t need a degree in film to apply although experience will get you far. It’s getting bigger and more competitive. Good luck!

P.S. That was this year’s offish (as in short for official) banner


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