How Much Do You Really Know About 9/11?

Photo cred: Jay-Z’s blog, of course.

Before you label me as “un-American,” I will openly admit that I do not have citizenship in the states yet. In case you didn’t know, acquiring such status is a long and painful process for immigrants in post-9/11 America. However, I have lived and paid taxes in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident for almost 10 years. The events of September 11, 2001 have also impacted my life. I cannot imagine the grief that the families of all the victims felt that day and every day since. My heart goes out to them. Grief and pain is nothing to mess with… I know that, you should know that, and the government sure knows that. The essence of that tragic day prevails in our society, and the media does a spectacular job at reminding us that a big scary guy might show up one day and terrorize our lives again.

11 years later, we no longer have any rights as private citizens. All telecommunications are monitored, recorded and can be intercepted. Any officer with a pair of latex gloves and a badge can inappropriately touch you and scan your body at an airport. If you’re unlucky, someone might even stick their fingers up your ass. Or is that a Hollywood myth? People belonging to a certain ethnic group suddenly became the antagonist. Our debt increased by trillions of dollars. More Americans have died chasing terrorists in the Middle East than 11 years ago in New York City. Moreover, thousands upon thousands of innocent people who are only different from us by color, religious beliefs and nationality, have died in the aftermath of 9/11. Why?

How many terrorists have been found and arrested by listening to a private phone call, or monitoring someone’s browsing history? How many terrorists have been found and arrested at an airport? How many have we found and killed in the Middle East (besides… Osama Bin Laden)? How much have we gained as a nation by occupying territory that isn’t ours? Absolutely nothing. Zero. Now, you probably think that’s because heightened security is working, but have you ever wondered if this is all necessary? Who are these terrorists? What are their names? Where do they live? How can it possibly take 11 years to find PEOPLE? Not even fucking vampires on fucking True Blood are that elusive! Just ask yourself: Am I missing anything?

Today is as good as any day to remember and revisit the events of 9/11. Don’t turn your TV on for information. I can guarantee you that they only cover a fraction of the true events and spend most of their time interviewing the families. They know what gets to us. Pain is something we can all relate to. By watching and listening to testimonials, the media effectively reaches the core of human “weakness” – compassion. As noble and necessary as this feeling is, it can also blind you. It can prevent you from questioning the events of that day. It is okay to be skeptical, and it is okay to be curious. It is part of what makes us human. Remember that our ability to question the world around us led to the most amazing discoveries in humanity.

Give facts, science and common sense a chance to open your eyes. The evidence and information is at your disposal. The internet is a great tool. I’m giving you a great website with thousands of privately funded films regarding this and many other issues. Release yourself from media propaganda. It’s about time you consume real news.

Visit Films for Action for access to a FREE library of films regarding this and many issues involving our country and our world economy.

God bless you. Real God, not the God that supports warfare and discrimination in foreign territories.

P.S. Look up Building 7


One response to “How Much Do You Really Know About 9/11?

  1. I went on a 911 truth spree a few years back with VERY mixed results. I commend your efforts. I was really disturbed when I saw Loose Change the first time about 5 years ago. It’s hard to know where to begin with this topic.

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