Food, Inc. What America Eats.

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Who grows the raw ingredients for it? How? Who sets the standards, supervises and controls this entire industry? I bet you have no idea. For many years people have been under the impression that the FDA has been saving us from ‘mad-cow’ disease, salmonella, and overweight issues. They tell the food companies whether their product is up to standards. WHAT STANDARDS?! Have you seen America lately? Food is not made for the consumer. Food is made for profits, and they’re making BIG money from making you a sodium-saturated, sugar-fueled, overweight cow.

Amanda Romero, a good friend of mine and someone who I really admire and respect, writes for a wonderful lifestyle blog called Through the Violet. Today, she posted an article regarding this exact issue. I wanted to join the cause and provide you with an audiovisual guide to all the points she talks about in her latest article: No But Really, You Are What You EatFood, Inc. is a documentary that demystifies the process of food-making and tells you how it all ends up at our favorite grocery stores. I recommend that you take the time and watch it. It’ll truly put things into perspective. It is available for Instant Stream on Netflix.

Get informed. Get up. Start living.


2 responses to “Food, Inc. What America Eats.

    • I used to go to the farmers market when I lived in Austin, TX. They had THE best organic cheese there. Now that I’m in LA I have to go to a stupid Whole Foods, and you can imagine how expensive it can get to eat healthy!

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