Who Should Have Won at the 2012 VMAs

The 2012 VMA’S are over. Granted that we’ll probably get a few more weeks of post-party drama and coverage, it is time to move on and find the next big thing. I stopped believing in the VMA’S at some point during high school, probably while I was the most pretentious as it pertained to my “refined” music taste. There was a point in my life when I was embarrassed to admit I enjoy and consume pop music. There, I said it. I know there’s lots of stupid shit out there, but in this hit-and-miss industry sometimes you’ll actually find something worthy.

The VMA’S are all about favorites. As Katy Perry said, it comes down to who can get the most fans to vote for them. These are my personal favorites. I didn’t actually vote, of course, but I thought it would be fun to play judge and decide my own winners based on both favoritism and actual video quality. Here it goes.

Best Video With a Message — Lil Wayne – “How to Love”

Actual Winner: Demi Lovato – “Skyscraper”

See… I don’t understand Demi Lovato. At all. I know she had some sort of meltdown, and I know she likes Neon Indian, and I know she has a documentary out there and DAS IT! Her music video is about her meltdown and recovery from… anorexia? Who cares? Everyone has that. I have it. On the other hand, Lil Wayne’s video actually has some sort of message behind it. It’s about decisions. It’s about not being Demi Lovato. That’s why I chose it as the rightful winner of this category.

Most Share-Worthy Video — Beyonce – “Countdown”

Actual Winner: One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful”

I don’t even think there is a debate here. I don’t care how many One Direction fans decide to come after me. I personally shared this video because it deserves to be shared. The song is right, the outfits are right, the art direction is right and Beyonce is simply Queen B.

Best Electronic Dance Music Video — Duck Sauce – “Big Bad Wolf”

Actual Winner: Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close”

I actually don’t care for this category whatsoever. It’s not really my thang.

Best Pop Video — Fun. ft. Janelle Monae – “We Are Young”

Actual Winner: One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful”

I always love a music video where they blow shit up, and this song gives me chills. I don’t know why, but it does. Judge me. Go ahead. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” is totally my runner-up.

Best Male Video — Frank Ocean – “Swim Good”

Actual Winner: Chris Brown – “Turn Up the Music”

I give Frank Ocean the win because his performance at the VMA’s was flawless. There is no denying that this guy is talented, and I’m down with the idea of more homo’s penetrating… I mean, infiltrating the mainstream media. Go Frankie! The Beibz was also in this category, but I’m not sure if he’s actually male. I’ll believe when I see it.

Best Hip-Hop Video — Jay-Z and Kanye West – “Niggas in Paris”

Actual Winner: Drake ft. Lil Wayne – “HYFR”

When someone tells you to watch their throne, you better watch the gd throne! I find the editing on this music video the most compelling aspect of it. Not diggin’ the life performance thing, but I like what they did with it. Are you hypnotized? You’re supposed to be. Watch it again. To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen most of the videos on this category.

Best Female Video — Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – “We Found Love”

Actual Winner: Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

I actually really like this video. I like the idea of the projectors. I may or may not use it for my own projects some day. Who knows? I know that this video won actual Video of the Year (shout-out to Bonch for editing it!), but I have a different winner in mind.

Best Rock Video — The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

Actual Winner: Coldplay – “Paradise”

I’m giving this one to The Black Keys solely on the basis of favoritism. Again, this is a category that I don’t really pay much attention to. I don’t even know if I would consider any of this music actual rock. What is rock? Who are we? What are we listening to? Why?!

Best New Artist – One Direction

These guys were running against Carly Rae Jepsen, Frank Ocean, fun., and The Wanted. I understand why One Direction won this particular award. I get the whole phenomenon. I get that MTV award shows are a joke. I will say, though, that Frank Ocean KILLED the stage tonight. His performance gave me goosebumps, literally. I’m not denying that I totally would not mind having a circle jerk with the One Erection kids, but Frankie was awesome and there’s no denying that. I guess by VMA standards… 1D is okay.

Video of the Year – M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

Actual Winner: Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – “We Found Love”

This video is INSANE. Did you see those cars getting on their side wheels? How the actual fuck? And what about those ho’s doing all the back-up dancing? Talk about controversy! M.I.A. is probably the only bitch in the industry that can get away with this shit. I mean… look what happened to Madonna on her tour. That’s what happens when you’re old and try to copy the youth, Madgie… As much as I L.U.V. you. This video won actual awards in the categories that don’t get televised.

What are those categories? I knew you’d ask. What we don’t see on TV is all the awards that go out to the production companies that made all these music videos possible. There’s a lot of unrecognized talent out there! Remember that although you get to see the final product, pop stars are the product of the work of many many talented individuals. Peace out!


2 responses to “Who Should Have Won at the 2012 VMAs

    • That was probably THE best performance I’ve seen in a while. That and when she did “Who Run The World?” Can’t remember which award show it was.

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