[VIDEO] BEB “Broke”

I made a music video! Earlier this year, B.E.B. and I agreed that we’d finish a music video before I moved out to Los Angeles. Well, we did it! Broke is a track from B.E.B.’s first EP. You can find all of it on MySpace or YouTube by searching “bebmusic.” He is currently working on new material, so stay posted! B.E.B. has been an opening act for Big Freedia, Christeene, and performed at an official FunFunFunFest after party in 2011.

This is my first try at making music videos, so please be gentle with me. I need to thank a bunch of people for this. So here I go… THANK YOU for coming out and helping me shoot the video! I couldn’t have done it without willing bodies. Enough said. Watch and enjoy and don’t forget to check out all of B.E.B.’s work!

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