[VIDEO] Kanye West and Barnaby Roper for 25


Okay, I am a really big fan of conspiracy theories and all that. Perhaps I’m the most gullible person walking this planet, or perhaps I should utilize my time more productively, or perhaps both. Either way, our idol Kanye West teamed up with director Barnaby Roper to give us this gem at the end of June, 2012. It is the visual promo for the upcoming magazine ’25’ by Anja Rubik, a friend of Ye’s. Why do I love this video? Because it is full of that crazy imagery that conspiracy theorists talk about all the time.

It starts with a creepy message from Kanye about abandoning all hope and goes into the most insane sequence of erotic, psychedelic and illuminati imagery. I recommend that you watch it under the influence of your preferred recreational life enhancer.

Kanye has expressed an interest in installations and video art when he debuted his short film ‘Cruel Summer’ starring Kid Cudi at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2012. An insider told me that during a 10 minute conversation, Kanye revealed that he felt truly humbled to be able to screen his short at a festival with such prestige. He acknowledges that film was not his forte, but that he always had an interest in the ways film and music can make an impact together.

Here is an article from Rolling StoneΒ magazine about the Cannes screening.


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