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Adam Levine Sex Scene in American Horror Story

This sexy mother-fucker made his acting debut in the first episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. It actually took me a minute to figure out it was him, but I couldn’t have been more excited! I didn’t even know he had an interest in acting. Obviously I only really care that he looks amazing in those super old PETA ads. I also used to like a few old Maroon 5 songs, but obviously I don’t have a moral compass pointing me due north. Adam plays a character not too far from his actual self. LOL what do I know? It doesn’t matter. I’m just always so profoundly moved by gratuitous sex scenes where people get killed.

UPDATE [02.13.13] The scene is no longer available online (aka YouTube) due to copyright issues and stuff. Season 2 will probably be on Netflix soon, anyway. If you’re like really impatient though feel free to find a sketchy online stream and get it out of your system. In the meantime, here is a collection of screen shots.

According to this article on Adam also landed a movie role recently. He will be starring alongside Keira Knightley in Can A Song Save Your Life. LOL.

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